Amberly Herdsires

At Amberly, our vision is centred on the production of genetically advanced alpacas. Those which are both phenotypically correct and displaying elite fleece characteristics.
Central to fulfilling these objectives is the use of ‘World Class’ genetics and here at Amberly, we have some of the best.

Huacaya Herd Sires

Sire: EP Cambridge Joshua (Australian)
Dam: Popham Camay (daughter of EP Cambridge Navigator of ACC)
Colour: Solid White
Genetic Lineage: Australian

If you are serious about giving your herd a ‘quantum leap’, then Kane is for you. He has proven genetics on both sides of his lineage and whilst born in the UK, is packed full  of pure Australian and Peruvian genetics.

His sire supreme champion EP Cambridge Joshua was himself sired by the famous Accoyo Remarque, regarded by many as one of the most influential herdsires to date.

Kane’s Dam Popham Camay is a daughter of the famous EP Cambridge Navigator of ACC, a stand out, multi-award winning son of the infamous EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus.

Kane’s fleece characteristics are all that one could hope for from his famous ancestors. It displays his sire’s legendary brightness, has incredible density, is uniform in colour and is organised into individual staples that are highly alligned with a high amplitude crimp. What is even more exciting, is the fact that this young male is displaying the presence of micro-bundling within the staple, a trait that is only coming through in the most advanced of modern day fleeces.

Coupled with this, Kane has excellent substance of bone, fantastic conformation and is a lovely natured male.

Prizes Won:

  • 2016 BAS National Halter Show – 1st Place Junior White Male
  • 2016 BAS National Halter Show-Champion White Male
  • 2016 Alpaca Showtime-1st Place Intermediate White Male
  • 2017 BAS National Halter Show-3rd Place Intermediate White Male
  • 2017 NIAG Annual Show-1st Place Adult White Male
  • 2017 NIAG Annual Judged Show-Supreme Champion Huacaya

Sire: Snowmass Casanova
Dam: Snowmass Peruvian Rosemist (Peruvian Hemingway daughter)
Colour: Solid Light Fawn
Genetic Lineage:  Snowmass and Peruvian


We are delighted to be able to offer what can only be described as ‘World Class’ genetics. Selected from Snowmass Alpaca’s ‘Royal Vicuna Line’, Snowmass Casanova’s Avalon exemplifies the Snowmass vision of extreme fineness and epitomises why Snowmass has gained the reputation of being the one of the world’s best alpaca herds. His elite characteristics come as no surprise when you consider the strength of his pedigree, boasting some of world’s finest ancestors including grandsire Peruvian Hemmingway.

Avalon has a perfect phenotype and an excellent fleece structure combined with outstanding density, uniformity and brightness. His ability to maintain his fineness, is however, the trait that really makes this stud stand out and whats more, he reliably passes this longevity of fineness onto his progeny.

Avalon is the first of only two Snowmass studs available in Ireland and his genetics are exclusively available through ourselves.

Sire: Snowmass Casanova’s Avalon
Dam: Breninwen Drambuie’s Chaser
Colour: Solid Mid Fawn
Genetic Lineage: Snowmass, Peruvian and Accoyo

IMGP0318 11048654_862410793794907_7432762765541398710_n

Power packed with elite genetics, Vindication is a beautiful, upstanding male with an excellent conformation, good substance of bone and wonderful fleece coverage from head to toe. His fleece also displays superb density, excellent brightness and an extremely soft handle, whilst his crimp extends evenly from skin to tip, in a style which is consistent down into his extremities.

Sired by Snowmass Casanova’s Avalon and out of one of our best Snowmass Drambuie’s Braveheart daughters, this young male is truly ‘exemplary’. We eagerly await the arrival of Vindication’s cria in 2016.

Prizes Won:

  • 1st place Intermediate Coloured Male Huacaya-NIAG Annual Show 2015
  • Champion Coloured Huacaya-NIAG Annual Show 2015
  • Supreme Champion Huacaya Male-NIAG Annual Show 2015
  • 1st place Adult Coloured Male Huacaya-NIAG Annual Show 2017
  • Best Home Bred Alpaca-NIAG Annual Show 2017

Suri Herd Sires

We are very proud to have had the first Suri studs in the whole of Ireland and as we have released some of our stunning boys, to further advance our breeding programme, we will be adding some exciting new suri genetics to our herd in 2018. Watch this space…

Sire: Pucara Sur-Real Rapper of Springfarm
Dam: Springfarm Josephine
Colour: Solid Dark Brown
Genetic Lineage: Peruvian Macgyver, NGG Accoyo and Bozedown


Springfarm L’Orient is a stunning, true to type dark brown suri with a fine and lustrous fleece. Sired by USA Pucara Sur-Real Rapper of Springfarm and with the outstanding Durango and Macgyver in his pedigree, this outstanding macho really has it all. Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, L’Orient’s show success, speaks for itself.

Prizes Won:

  • 2012/03 Futurity Suri Junior Male – Brown 3rd
  • 2012/05 South Of England – Ardingly Suri Junior Male – Brown 1st
  • 2012/05 South Of England – Ardingly Suri Champion Brown Male C
  • 2012/09 Romsey Show, Hampshire Suri Intermediate Male – Brown 1st
  • 2012/09 Romsey Show, Hampshire Suri Champion Brown Male C
  • 2013/03 Futurity Suri Intermediate Male – Brown 1st
  • 2013/05 South Of England – Ardingly Suri Intermediate Male – Brown 1st
  • 2013/05 South Of England – Ardingly Suri Champion Brown Male C
  • 2015 NIAG Annual Show-Adult Male-Brown 2nd


Sire: AAOA Maserati’s Peruvian Alfonso of Springfarm
Dam: Springfarm Mercedes
Colour: Solid White
Genetic Lineage: AAOA, Snowmass and Peruvian Macgyver

11236469_862410847128235_3827064471214603987_n Atkins-lightning (1)

Lightning is a everything you would expect from a suri male with such a royal lineage. He has a proud majestic stance with a strong frame and a fine, dense fine fleece with exemplary uniform locking and outstanding lustre. Sired by the multi award winning AAOA Maserati’s Peruvian Alfonso, Lightning has proven himself to be a ‘chip off the old block’, performing exceptionally well on the show scene.

Prizes Won:

  • 1st place Junior White Male Suri-NIAG Annual Show 2015
  • Supreme Champion Suri-NIAG Annual Show 2015
  • Champion White Suri-Heart of England Fleece Show 2015
  • 1st place Junior White Suri-Heart of England Fleece Show 2015
  • 1st place Junior White Suri-BAS National Show 2016